Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday, January 13 2014, Does My Life Need to Be Docu-Mentaled?

January 13/ 2014
Dear Perusers:
Not sure would be my response at this juncture. Who would actually care to read about My Year 2014? The Road I am being led down, by my Muse (that dancing twirling pencil poking She), has taken me to this site - The Documented Life Project.
Sounds grand doesn't it?
And here I was hoping for a more quiet artful year, one in which I did not get gleefully butterfly distracted by every bright and colourful e course that came waltzing by! (insert sigh here)
So far I have managed to mangle- smunch 3 Courses in to One Planner - the BOD 2014 Session 1, the Documented Life Planner (DLP) and an occasional 'flip through' of my ebook: No Excuses Art Journaling!
From the start of this year, I had wanted to 'art' first thing 'pon awakening' even Before Bean and Verticality - (ie coffee and being upright) and so far, I have managed that.
Today for example, I zentangled my name and being the evil body that I am, I pointed another friend to the Tangle Patterns site so that she too could become addicted. (I deemed it only fair that another artful being share the joy). 
So here are the Progress Pix from the Challenges that BOD and DLP have given me:
(note: BOD started a week later than DLP)