Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Word of the Year January Mandala Community Project

Almost a Mandala...
Kathryn of Truenortharts.com and 100Manadalas.org sent out an email asking folks if they would like to contribute to the Community Project using their Word of the Year. I said yes as this was something that I had not done before and was going to be a delightful challenge -
a) you had to stick to the shape emailed to you, no going outside the lines
b) you had to stick to the colour you were requested to use (in my case, shades of  BLUE)  along with black white grey so no going wild with the fuchsia or purples! (darn lol)
Here is what she sent me to colour or alter.
The shape reminded me not only of a Leaf, but a Flame as well.
Since my Word of the Year would fit this wonderfully, I then had a good think about what else it looked like. Hmm..how about a Peacock Feather?

Once that was coloured in and after a good slug or two of  beanjuice, I fought with my aging crashing software program to produce this:
Ta Da! Not too bad if I do say so meself! I chose ILLUMINE as my word for 2015 as it implies not only action but service (for example: enlighten, to bring light). I hope to keep this in the forefront of all that I do in 2015 so that I can help shed a little light in a dark corner.
I can hardly wait to see what my contribution will look like in the giant Mandala that Kathryn is creating with 35 others!  WOOHOO!
Blessings of the Gregorian New Year to all who read this.
May 2015 bring you ever closer to your heart's desire.  

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Solstice Blessings on You All.
May the Light of the Midwinter/Midsummer illumine your way.