Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February Mandalas - in the raw

I have given up trying to frame these nicely,  so as others have done before me (and I have enjoyed the process of watching them 'art in the raw, paint and splatters everywhere) here are the ones I have done so far this month. One is not quite finished, I might go back and do it again.
Blessings of Mandala'ing to all who view this.

Planner Peace or Pursuing* the* Unicorn?

Dear Perusers:
I tend to agree with Rhomany over at Rhomany's Realm that it may be a myth..after all 'planner peace' is a bit of a  'unicorn'?
However being ever hopeful and now fully addicted to planners, dori's (both midori and faux), hobonichis and fauxbonichis and assorted bullet journaling techniques as well, I took what worked for me and came up with the following. I started out with the bullet system and after a month found it didn't work as I needed to see at least 2 months ahead all on the same page.
So I cobbled together whatever my butterfly mind could glean from watching youtubes and reading blogs on the subject. 
To show you how I set mine up,  here goes:
I unearthed my 'ARC' (aka Discbound) punch (bought a couple of years ago in a fit of  'maybe I will find this useful' and 'macgyvred' the Rumi Dayplanner I was given this year.
As you can see, WASHI TAPE is my FRIEND.
I also ordered Tangie Baxter's Tangible Plans  and used a few of her templates to create my Weekly Blessings and Notes page. I found that the ones I chose originally are too busy and dark to really see what I was writing so I will revamp with boxes that are lighter in colour for the next set of months.
I am glad I am doing this now, as I can pick and choose what will work when I take this 'on the road'.
The whole works, my BrainDump journal (created from a Home Depot brochure) and RumiDori along with HER DISCS! fit neatly into my BMWdori as it has a soft spine. Pleased me to no end, let me tell you!
You might be wondering about those turquoise blue thingies: they are my left and right dashboard covers aka page turners made from a plastic cinnamon roll container and cut down to size and washi'd the heck out of them. They are a wonderful invention (Thanks Kent!) and I can immediately go to my Day and get started without 'all that mucking about in hyperspace'.

So far. so good.
Blessings to all Planners and Unicorn Pursuers out there.