Saturday, 17 January 2015

Our Shadow Selves Norway Bound!

Dear Perusers:
When I looked in on my twitter community the other day, the hashtag '#twitterartexhibit' was being tossed about in various conversations and the most amazing artwork was being shared.
Being the inquisitive bug that I am, naturally I asked, What is this?
It is a Global Art Exhibit held once a year for a Charity (anywhere in the world, this year it is Norway's Home Start Moss) and the call for both professional and amateur artists to contribute had been broadcasted via the twitterexpress.
Here is the link should you be wanting to join in:

In brief:
1) You have to be on twitter to participate as that is how they contact you.
2) Your artwork has to be as flat as possible and postcard size (ie 16 x 12 cm)
3) It has to be at the Norway address by March 1/2015.

And here is what I sent: Title: The Road Goes Ever On and On.

Blessing on all artists who donate their work to a Worthy Cause.

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