Monday, 6 July 2015

ICADS? Not quite, how about June 1- July 31 of TAG-A-LONGS?

Dear Perusers:
I really really REALLY wanted to Jump on the ICAD (1 index card a day) bandwagon that Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow  founded and the creative daily glories that PackerDi tweets to us.....but those dang lines and the fact that it is Recipe Card size just got in my way. (lol)
(Being a non cook person, anything recipe'ish scares the jelly beans outta me!)
 - At this Point, La Musa takes over and whacks me on the head with her pencil.....which leads to this thought,
"How SCARY can it be to do a daily sketch or quote on a Manila TAG for goodness sake?"
As it turns out, not that scary.
Here is  JUNE 2015 - 30 DAYS of wee sketches and words.
June 1-10

June 11-20

June 21-30

How I did it:
I had made sorta fauxbonichi weather stickers out of address labels, put a parchment background on them so they would kinda match the manila and stuck them on. Using my cropadile I was able to do 3 tags at a time. (love that tool, has saved me countless hours of punching frustration!) I did start out with this great perpetual date stamp from Unity Stamps, (that's the star and circle at the bottom of the tag) but found it was a tad too big and the date almost impossible to read, so I went hunting and found my Smash Date Stamp which works much better! (at least I can READ it)
Thank you to APG Jamie who along with her amazing pocket letter chock full of goodies, included a wee sheet of alphanumeric stickers! (As you can see Jamie, I AM 'using them up' - bless you - check out June 14, 25 and 26)
All of this is in prep for our Trip in the Fall in which I hope to be doing tags as well as online journaling. (good luck with that I hear someone say...chortle)

Blessings to all ICADers out there! You inspire me so! Thank you.

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